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Missed Target: Exaggerated promotion in the internet age

It makes me laugh when I see a trailer for a new overseas show and the broadcaster uses the word “hit”. More often than not the show in question isn’t a stand-out success.

“The new hit show from the US” may as well say “we’re do middling numbers and we’re not getting pulled from the schedules any time soon”.

Given UK broadcasters have taken to showing some shows just days after the original transmission any completely new shows will have only transmitted one or two episodes and ratings for such a small number of episodes can’t genuinely reflect it’s audience’s opinion.

The most ridiculous thing is I’ve even seen cancelled shows described this way! The penetration of the internet into our modern lives means many viewers know about the show’s ratings and production status and they certainly aren’t going to appreciate being outright lied to by the broadcaster’s marketing department.

If you’ve bought a dud just tell us what it’s about, who’s in it, if it’s from the creator of something else we’ve loved and we’ll make up our own minds. I’ve watched many a show I’ve known was cancelled just because it sounded interesting. The fact it means no long term commitment is even a plus point!

2 comments on “Missed Target: Exaggerated promotion in the internet age

  1. Martin Aitken
    July 23, 2013

    I have to agree. There's many a show I've watched even though I know it has a short shelf life. “The Finder” is a recent example of this for me.

  2. Cheeky McB
    July 24, 2013

    I too watched The Finder. Wished it had gone on a little longer as it was a bit different, and fun. Though the sad death of Michael Duncan Clark would have impacted it. Shame about the way the storyline ended too. Too much up in the air.

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